Medical Flight Escorts for return transport from abroad

With many diseases and injuries, repatriation transports from abroad are also possible in commercial aircraft. This far more cost-effective way of repatriation
is possible due to worldwide co-operation with airlines on almost every route.

As a professional air ambulance service, we provide a medical attendant on such kind of flights.

Medical escort possibilities

The option of repatriations aboard of a commercial flight, of course, depends on the medical diagnosis and the current state of health.

We have the ability to transport the patient lying down on a stretcher in Economy Class and/or also in Business Class and to bring him/her safely to his/her destination under our expert medical care. The passenger/patient is cared either by trained paramedics or by a doctor.

The necessary forms for approval by the airline will be prepared and submitted by our doctors. In addition, we can also arrange all ticket bookings and special requirements (e.g. wheelchair, oxygen or transfer assistance) for you.

Further information on return transport


Do you have questions relating to our medical attendant service in the area of international repatriations we are always happy to help and to inform you about our other services like Incubator Flights and Medical Assistance. You can reach our friendly and skilled staff either by phone +49 (0) 821 299 10 20 or by completing our contact form.

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